Sunday, December 10, 2006

Understanding Certificate Life Cycle and Key Management

I have completed learning on topic "Understanding Certificate Life Cycle and Key Management". Below are the summery of this topic:
  • The key life cycle of a certificate is broken into seven distinct stages: certificate enrollment, certificate distribution, certificate validation, certificate revocation, certificate renewal, certificate destruction, and certificate auditing.

  • During certificate enrollment, a user requests a certificate from a CA.

  • Once the CA is satisfied with the credentials presented by the user requesting the certificate, the CA distributes the certificate to the user.

  • If anything occurs before the expiration of the certificate that warrants the cancellation of the certificate, it is added to the CA's certificate revocation list (CRL).

  • If the certificate is not revoked and reaches the expiration date, it can be renewed.

  • To better manage and control certificates, CAs track various events, such as creations, revocations, renewals, and in some cases, successful usage.

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