Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HP-UX: Create a new software depot for patches

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Creating a separate software depot for your patches is useful,
when space is tight and patches have dependencies.

Assuming you have two patches PHNE_20000 and PHNE_20001.

unshare all two patches by typing the following commands.

sh PHNE_20000
sh PHNE_20001

Next, we have to create a new software depot on the directory /newdir/depot

mkdir /newdir/depot
swpackage -s PHNE_20000.depot -d /newdir/depot

Register your new depot on the sd-ux.

swreg -l depot /newdir/depot

Copy the next patch to the newly created software depot.

swcopy -s `pwd`/PHNE_20001.depot PHNE_20001 @ /newdir/depot

You are now ready to install your patches

swinstall -s /newdir/depot

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