Sunday, January 14, 2007

Howto recovery from an unknow Root password

TITLE : Howto recovery from an unknow Root password
OS LEVEL : AIX 4.x and above


1. Boot the machine into 'service' mode from the installation media. Ensure
the CD/tape is in the appropriate drive, turn the keyswitch to 'service'
mode and boot the machine.
2. At the first screen, "Please Define the System Console", type a 1 and
press enter.
3. At the next screen, type 1 and press enter to have English during install.
4. At the next screen, "Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and
Maintenance", select 3 - Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery.
5. At the "Maintenance" screen, select 1 - Access a Root Volume Group.
6. At the "Warning" screen, press 0 to continue.
7. At the screen, "Access a Root Volume Group", select the number for the
Root Volume Group to display the LV information and press enter.
8. At the "Volume Group Information" screen, select 2 -Access this Volume
Group and start a shell before mounting filesystems.
9. At the root prompt, type 'exit' to continue the process of accessing the
root volume group.
10. At the next prompt, set the TERM variable, using:

TERM=vt100 export TERM (where vt100 is the emulation used)

11. At the next prompt, change the root password, using:


You will then be prompted for a new root password. You will be asked
to enter it a 2nd time to confirm.

12. Shutdown and reboot the system in normal mode. Turn the keyswitch to
'normal' mode and type:

shutdown -Fr

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