Monday, January 15, 2007

SSH Secure Shell: Protocol error: packet too long

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Unix and Windows: I receive error messages like this when trying to connect to a secure shell server: Server responded "Protocol error: packet too long: -130315592" (number reported will vary). Other similar error messages may also appear. How do I fix this?

The most likely cause of this error message is that you are attempting to connect to an older version secure shell server. Try changing the encryption algorithm to a different algorithm - for example, Blowfish.

Windows Client

Go to Edit -> Settings ... -> Profile Settings -> Connection , change the algorithm, click on OK. Then choose File -> Save Settings and they try again to establish a connection. If that does not resolve the problem, try changing the MAC Algorithm:

Unix Client

If you have root privileges, edit the /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config to change the encryption algorithm.

If you do not have root privileges, you can set the algorithm in your own user-specific configuration file, located by default in $HOME/.ssh2/ssh2_config . If you do not already have a user-specific configuration file, simply copy the file /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config to $HOME/.ssh2/ssh2_config .

You can also specify a different cipher or MAC at the command line using the ssh2 options -c and/or -m. See man ssh2 and man ssh2_config for more information.

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